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At Troutdale Dental, our team is what truly sets us apart from other dental practices. Not only do we have two of the best dentists in the Troutdale and Gresham area, but our support and clinical team all take great pride in the work they do. From the time you are greeted at the door, you’ll notice the Troutdale Dental difference. Our focus is to make your appointment the most convenient and comfortable dental experience ever so if there is any aspect of your appointment that is less than satisfactory, reach out to us. We are here to make it right and will do what we can to correct the issue. 

We know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a dentist and here at Troutdale Dental, we’re honored to be your provider. 

Our Team

Dr. Brian Hale

Brian R. Hale DMD


Growing up in the desert heat of Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Hale was looking for a change of climate and scenery. It’s not hard to understand why he and his wife, Alisha, fell in love with Oregon’s forests and diverse landscapes. Relocating here in 2018 has been a refreshing experience of which he says, “My wife and I are constantly saying we can’t believe we get to live with so much natural beauty right in our backyard!”

Dr. Hale graduated from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine in 2017 after earning his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Brigham Young University. During dental school, he served as Class Vice President and received the Delta Dental Student Leadership Award.

Following dental school, Dr. Hale went on to complete a General Practice Residency at the Baltimore, Maryland Veteran Affairs Medical Center. Through this additional training, Dr. Hale devoted his time to advancing his skills beyond basic general dentistry – focusing on dental implants, root canals, and extractions. 

He furthers his education yearly through continuing education courses well above the required amount by the Oregon Dental Board.  He says, “The members of our community expect top-notch dental care.  I strive to provide this care predictably and efficiently in a comfortable and safe environment as I help our patients achieve their goals of oral health.”

In their free time, Dr. Hale, his wife, Alisha, and their son, Luke, love to camp and explore wherever they find themselves.

Dr. Clark Brinton

Clark Brinton DMD


Dr. Brinton graduated from the OHSU School of Dentistry in 2013 as the class valedictorian. During his third and fourth years, he was selected as one of two students to train under Drs. Stanley Malamed and Ken Reed in IV sedation as a member of their mini-residency program.

He practiced general dentistry in New Mexico from 2013 to 2017, devoting much of his practice to IV sedation and dental surgery, including root canal therapy, dental extractions, removal of impacted wisdom teeth, and dental implant surgery. Dr. Brinton credits his high level of experience and education in a short time to his commitment to continued professional education and training.

He holds education in such high regard that he is the CEO of Hero Dental Education, where he trains another dentist in hands-on dental implant surgery techniques, including All-on-4 implant retained dentures.  

Dr. Brinton and his wife, Kjerstin, have three young children, Annika, Hanna, and Sven. In their free time, they love to enjoy the outdoors, whether on foot, bike, or skis.


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Technology makes life easier in so many ways. From digital communication to handheld music devices, technology increases enjoyment and convenience in daily life. Dentistry is no different. Each year, dentistry advances in the areas of accuracy, patient comfort, and efficiency. 

Because we want our patients to have an exceptional experience while they are with us, we regularly introduce the latest technology at Troutdale Dental to enable us to give you the very best dentistry available.

Clear Aligners

Rather than brackets and wires, clear aligners move teeth gradually through a series of nearly invisible plastic aligner trays. Clear Correct Clear Aligners are popular brand names for these aligners, and our dentists, Dr. Clark Brinton and Dr. Brian Hale, are trained in the use of this innovative orthodontic treatment.

Enjoy a straight smile without cumbersome braces with clear aligners.

3-D Cone Beam Technology

Precise planning for dental implants, root canals, and orthodontics improves outcomes dramatically, which is why having a 3-D view of the teeth, roots, jaw, bone, sinuses, and nerve paths is such an asset when performing an advanced treatment.

At Troutdale Dental, these high-resolution images make it possible to plan an entire procedure before we even begin.

Digital Impressions

Gone are the days of taking putty impressions!  While putty impressions are still needed in rare cases, here at Troutdale Dental we take digital impressions, which use a small, high-resolution camera to digitize your teeth. These impressions are used in making crowns, bridges, implant crowns, and clear aligners.  We know you will find this technology more comfortable, and quicker, and that it shows higher accuracy than putty impressions.

Intraoral Camera

If you have ever tried to look inside your own mouth to see a specific tooth, you know how challenging it can be. At Troutdale Dental, our dedication to educating and informing patients is far easier using a small handheld intraoral camera, which details exactly what our dentists see when they look inside your mouth.

We can take an image of a single tooth, area of the mouth, or soft tissue that will appear instantly on your chairside monitor for you and your dentist to review together. Many patients have told us that seeing pictures of their teeth has helped them make a decision regarding treatment.

We will also store these images in your digital file for future comparisons or in case your dental insurance company wants additional information for a claim.

Rotary Endodontics

Thanks to high-resolution CBCT images and the speed of flexible, high-speed rotary instruments, you can expect a faster, more predictable, and more comfortable root canal than in the past. 

This tooth-saving procedure no longer needs to be something you fear, and it gives our dentists an opportunity to save your tooth for many years to come. 

All-on-4 Dentures

Although many patients still opt for dentures to replace missing teeth, the biggest complaint we hear is that dentures shift or fall out, causing embarrassing situations. 

At Troutdale Dental we offer a tooth replacement that does not move or shift.  All-on-4 implant dentures are anchored in place with four dental implants on the upper arch, lower arch, or both.

Patients also prefer All-on-4  implant dentures because they are slimmer, making them more comfortable and easier to taste food.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you have dental anxiety, it is tempting to avoid the dental office. Missing dental exams and cleanings, and putting off treatment all put your smile and your health at risk. Nitrous oxide is an option to help you relax so you can get the dentistry you need for a healthy mouth and body.

Also referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is mild. While it probably won’t make you laugh, it will create a calm sense of well-being that takes the fear out of your dental appointment. It is so safe, we can even use it on anxious kids.

Panoramic X-Rays

If you have ever stood in place while an x-ray machine moves around your head, you have probably had a panoramic x-ray. These full-smile x-rays show bone levels, wisdom teeth development, jaw joints, and sinuses. 

We often use them when planning oral surgery, extractions, implant placement, and wisdom teeth extractions, or for children who cannot tolerate bitewings.

We take panoramic x-rays for people who have dentures to monitor bone health over the years.

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